YourPrevention™ enables employees and executives to improve their resilience and productivity and identify tendencies towards exhaustion, burnout and mental disorders at an early stage. Our approach maps out and activates physical, psychological-mental and social competences. The restoration of neurobiological balance is the basis for renewed enthusiasm and openness to change. The resulting positive attitude produces a more relaxed and resilient disposition in the professional and private sphere, especially in difficult situations. Our approach involves firstly defining the situation clearly on a sound scientific footing, and then finding effective, workable solutions, which are applied in practice in your daily routine. We use the Integral Stress Test™ as a 360-degree perspective on yourself and your life circumstances.

The basis for all self-development and change of attitude is a conscious awareness and knowledge of oneself. In practical terms, this means understanding one’s own personality structure, values, motives and thought patterns. A sustainable change and development of one’s own behavior on the basis of increased awareness, mindfulness and motivation is deeply anchored in our coaching process. Changed perception and the change of perspective will result in new options for action. We accompany you in the first critical implementation phase as well as over the 66 days in which the new patterns of action become a habit. During this period, by continuous repetition in the brain, new neuronal cross-linking becomes a fixed habit.
You can register here for your individual kick-off and a better « you «.

Registration for the Integral Stress Test™

By entering your data into this form you register for the Integral Stress Test™. Some fields are obligatory as they are relevant for the expertise. Please take care that you enter the correct address for shippng. Please only register for the IST™ if you are able to do the test within the next 14 days. Please note if you cannot do the test within this time that there is a rate of 200 EUR (excluding VAT) for expenses. If you register for the Integral Stress Test™ you will receive your individual Set. The test can be done by yourself independently. You have 14 days time finishing and returning the test to YourPrevention™ from the day of receiving the Set. We shall make an appointment then for the 1 hour feedback conversation. The results will be ready latest 2 weeks after receiving the Set. After the feedback conversation we are going to plan the next steps together with you.