Resource sleep

Do you also not recover properly during sleep? This happens to many people today. What is new is the possibility to measure sleep and recovery quality objectively. You can read about the effects of poor sleep and how to effectively identify and address the causes in my current blog.


Taboo topic psyche

Mental illnesses have a major impact on our society - and yet this topic is not sufficiently addressed in public. Here you can read about what science has learned about the psyche today, how psychological changes can be measured and how we can learn to be more self-caring.


Soziale Beziehungen stärken die Resilienz

Florian Wolf, Gründer von YourPrevention™, erklärt warum soziale Beziehungen so wichtig sind und wie sie die Resilienz stärken


Area of Influence: Recognizing the ability to act and being able to act

Fear, insecurity, stress - there are many factors that make us humans fall into the victim role and make sure that we are only on autopilot. In order to get back to the ability to act, back to the Area of Influence, it is important to take the mindfulness perspective and thus develop new solution options and look positively into the future.


Relationships strengthen our resilience

Going through stressful situations calmly and confidently is achieved through inner strength and inner peace - through good resilience. This is the general ability to recover from emotional challenges and maintain focus and concentration. But resilience also describes the regeneration time needed to return to a relaxed state after a setback or a stressful situation. Resilience is promoted by good social relationships.
This is why an empathetic and appreciative relationship is so important, especially in difficult times.



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