Stay on course

Staying on course, even if you are not a sailor, is not always easy. We are permanently exposed to the most diverse influences and stimuli. Now and then it gets stormy. A good boat is certainly a help - but the sailor himself has without doubt the greatest influence on the course. He is able to stay on course, even under extremely difficult conditions. This succeeds through his experience but also through a good resilience: our inner peace and strength which supports us especially in difficult times and lets us act with confidence.

We know from the findings of neuroscience that our neurobiological balance is the basis of emotional balance. If the system is not balanced, this molecular level of feelings can be experienced especially under stressful conditions. For example, nervousness, restlessness or fear occur. The positive handling of strong emotions is an important part of our life and has a great effect on our well-being. It is necessary to learn on a molecular as well as on a psychosocial level how we can bring ourselves into this balance. Besides the neurosystem, mindfulness techniques help to lower the stimulus-response threshold. This enables us to react emotionally less early under the same stress. We thus build up inner peace and serenity. In this way we stay (emotionally) on course even in stormy times and have our helm firmly under control at all times.


Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.